How to Easily Make Your Own Cold Brewed Coffee

Coffee has been a popular drink for a long, long time, and certain methods of brewing and drinking coffee have earned almost magical elements and served as rituals. Coffee has followed human race through many different phases and historical periods, but it always remained present and a lot of people were addicted to the effects it caused in our heads. The same thing is present today, and although we like to believe that we live in a modern world – it is easy to see that we drink coffee in pretty much the same manner as our ancestors have done it (besides plastic cups and fancy fixings). This is perhaps the reason why so meany people decide to return to basics and to drink coffee in ways which are traditional and reliable, and one method which is often taken for granted is called cold brewed coffee.

Cold brewed coffee is present in many coffee shops and it has created a boom on the global market in recent years, but this ancient method has been used for centuries. Nowadays, we have two methods of making cold coffee: we can place hot coffee over ice or we can cold brew it. It is evident that the first method is a bit passé at the moment and that the second one is far superior, at least that is what majority of experts say. When it comes to matters of taste, it is very hard to make decisions and be certain about things, but serious research has been done about the characteristics and features of both of these types – and guess who is the winner?!Cold brewed coffee brings a lot of nuances in flavor and it gives a perfectly balanced and smooth taste. Depending on the type of beans that you use, your coffee can even have a chocolatey or nutty flavor, but what matters more is the fact that this type of coffee is mellow on the stomach because of its low-acid characteristic.

If you had the chance to try cold brewed coffee, you certainly noticed the sweet, clean and refreshing taste, and you also probably asked yourself why haven’t you tried it before. Luckily, it is never too late, and you can easily prepare your cold brewed coffee and enjoy it whenever you feel like it. The process is very simple: grind a certain amount of coffee beans, put them into a container, pour water over them, stir to make all of beans in contact with water. After that your best ally is time – since cold brewed coffee does not rely on temperature, like other methods of coffee brewing do. You should leave the beans immersed in the water for at least 12 hours (up to 24h), and the container can even be placed in the fridge. Once the waiting game is over, carefully filter the beans, using a cheesecloth or some other similar material. What is left is your coffee, but at this point it is extremely high on caffeine so you have to dilute it with water and then pour over ice, and – ENJOY!